Dog Safety Around The Home: Important Tips For You & Your Animal

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dog outside in the garden being safe

Dogs are wonderful animals that can make perfect additions to any family. If you don’t dog-proof your property though, they can end up putting themselves and your family members in danger. Dogs function primarily using their sense of smell, with puppies using their noses to discover the world and understand their surroundings. Because of this, without proper training and dog safety measures in place, your dog can end up venturing places it shouldn’t be or chewing, eating and generally destroying items around your home. 

As dog owners, it’s our job to teach our pets right and wrong, but also to make sure there are plenty of safety measures in place to keep our dogs out of danger and minimise risks. It’s impossible to keep your eyes on your dog 24/7, so making some adjustments to your home, garden and even your car can help to put your mind at ease. On top of this, dog safety isn’t just about removing the potential dangers around your property but also learning ways to keep your dog safe when on walks or in public places. 

Benchmark Kennels are leaders in designing and manufacturing dog kennels that keep dogs of all sizes and natures safe and happy when outdoors. Here are our top dog safety tips for looking after your animals around the home, when travelling and during hot or cold weather… 

Dog safety at home

Child-safety latches and bins

Similar to having toddlers or young children around the house, if they can reach, dogs and puppies can find their way into cupboards or drawers and wreak havoc, especially if they can smell food. Using child-locks or latches on your cupboards at ground level can prevent your dog from getting into any and stop them from getting hold of any potentially harmful substances or food. 

Most dog owners will have experienced coming home from work to find a disaster zone in your home caused by your dog finding its way into the rubbish bin. To keep your dogs out of the rubbish, prevent them from eating anything out of date or harmful, and to avoid the huge clean-up involved, make sure your bin is pet-proof or that it’s stored somewhere your dogs don’t have access to. Keeping bins in kitchen cupboards with child-locks is one solution, however there are also a number of dog-proof bins on the market. 

If you have big dogs living in your home, it’s also important to keep any exposed food or edible items off the sides when your dogs are left alone. Always store food out of reach and harm of your dog to avoid your pet ingesting anything possibly toxic that can damage their health or even be fatal. By storing food and other edible or chewable items in secure places, you can leave your dog alone without having to worry about what they’re up to.

Electric wires

Another household item that poses a threat to your dogs, whether you’re out the house or you’ve simply popped out the room, is electric wires. Dogs love to chew on rubber items, so it’s important to steer them away from the various wires around your property and instead provide them with plenty of toys for stimulation or teething purposes. 

There are plenty of nifty ways to keep wires concealed or stored away that help with dog safety and help to avoid your electric items becoming damaged or broken. Wire concealers and covers are completely affordable, prevent your dogs from being electrocuted and help to improve the appearance of your home all at the same time. 

Plants and garden dog safety

Whether you’re proud of your property’s garden or not, when welcoming a dog into the family, their safety has to come first. To ensure the safety of your dogs when they’re playing outdoors or are let out for the toilet, make sure there are no poisonous or toxic plants or shrubs around your garden that your dog could get their paws on when you’re not looking. There are a number of common household plants, like Poinsettia and Aloe Vera, that contain dangerous toxins potentially fatal for your pet. 

Dog security camera

Next up is technology, which all dog owners should be making the most of to keep an eye on their animals and keep them safe, even when you’re not around. There are many dog security cameras on the market that allow you to monitor your pet’s behaviour both when they’re inside and outdoors. You can even invest in treat-dispensing cameras with microphones, so your dog feels like you’re right there with them!

If you leave your dog in a specific room of your home when you head out, install a camera somewhere out of reach to make sure they’re not distressed or chewing anything they shouldn’t be. On the other hand, if you use outdoor dog kennels to keep your dog safe when you’re not in, install a dog security camera to make sure your dogs are happy and stimulated when home alone. 

Dog kennels or crates

You might think that keeping your dog in an enclosed space is bad for their mental and physical wellbeing, but actually, the opposite is true. If you use a dog kennel or crate in the right way, your dog will learn to associate their kennel as its own territory and welcome the opportunity to spend time there. On top of this, dog kennels are excellent ways to keep your dog(s) safe and secure, whether you choose to keep your dogs in outdoor wooden kennels all or some of the time. 

Not all dog breeds are suited life indoors, which is when high-quality, secure and insulated dog kennels come in handy. If you have an extra-large dog breed or a dog that’s not able to be house-trained, Benchmark Kennel’s range of  WPC eco-thermal or wooden dog kennels can keep your dog out of harm’s way while also providing plenty of room for your dog to play and keep stimulated. 

If you have more than one dog at your property and they have a history of not getting along or behaving destructively, it’s important to make sure they’re both kept safe from potential risks around your home but also from each other. Outdoor dog kennels made from wood or a wood-plastic composite are completely escape-proof and can be customised to accommodate however many dogs you have at your property and keep them separate.

Dog safety with Benchmark Kennels

If you’re worried about any potential risks to your dog’s safety around your property or are concerned about leaving your dog alone indoors, an outdoor dog kennel is a great option. You can choose the right size, structure, materials and features to suit your dog’s breed and personality to provide your pet with a completely safe and secure place to spend time. 

Get in touch with the Benchmark Kennel’s team to hear more about our range of kennels or head straight to our website to order a custom wooden kennel today. 

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