The Benefits of Using Outdoor Dog Pens

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You might assume that an outdoor dog pen should only be used by boarding facilities or professional dog kennels. However, no matter the size or breed of your dog, a dog pen can provide your pooch with a safe and comfortable place to spend some time outside. 

Dog pens are highly versatile and can be the ideal place for burning off excess energy, as well as providing your dog with an area for relaxation. An outdoor dog pen can provide dog owners with peace of mind that their pooches are safe and secure when they need to run some errands or take time out for themselves. 

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of dog pens in further detail.

  • Safety 

The most noteworthy benefit of having an outdoor dog pen is the safety of it. A well-structured and high-quality dog pen serves as a secure and snug place for your dog to spend time outdoors.

Dog pens can offer protection from potentially poisonous plants or objects around your garden, as well as removing the risk of your dog escaping from your home when left outdoors unsupervised. It’s far easier and more cost-effective to invest in a reliable and sturdy wooden dog kennel with plenty of space for your dog to play than to install fencing around your home. What’s more, with a professionally made dog pen you can rest easy knowing your pet can’t dig or jump its way out of it.

Alongside protecting your pooch from potentially harmful objects and escape missions, outdoor dog pens are ideal for separating dogs. For example:

  • If you have several dogs and one of them has had an operation and needs to be separate
  • If you’re bringing home a new puppy and want to avoid fights 
  • You have a timid or aggressive dog that often needs space from the other
  • Comfort Space

It is a well-known fact that dogs need a safe space that they can go to be alone, out of the way of human interaction or other animals. While having a dog crate in your home is one option, an outdoor dog pen is far more suitable and effective, allowing dogs more space. A dog pen is a great way to give your dog plenty of room, fresh air and stimulation.

If you use your dog pen in the right ways, your dog will learn to associate their pen with comfort, warmth and security, not confinement. It’s important not to use dog pens as a punishment or leave your dogs enclosed for too long, as this can lead to negative behaviours.

If you are worried about your dog staying warm and dry when kept outdoors, here at Benchmark Kennels we offer a range of high-quality dog kennels that provide the perfect spot for your pooch to shelter from the elements. Manufactured with a heavy duty IKO felt roof and high-quality insulation your dog can go outside and be protected no matter the weather.

  • Temporary Solution

Besides the two main advantages of safety and comfort, having a dog pen installed can also make life as a dog owner much easier. 

If you have more than one dog, large or long-haired breeds that like to get muddy on their walks, an outdoor pen is the ideal space for keeping your dog outside while it dries off. During the summer, you can even use a hosepipe to give your dog a wash down in the pen and avoid any mud entering your home. 

Likewise, dog pens are the perfect place for your dog to play or sleep while you get some jobs done around the house, without having to worry about them chewing anything. Or, if you have a friend or family member visiting that is allergic to dogs or would prefer them not to be around, an outdoor pen is the ideal solution for keeping your dog out of the way.

  • Training Aid

While getting a new puppy is an exciting experience, it can also be a huge challenge. Outdoor dog pens should never be used as punishment, but they are a great way to house-train a dog, without the risk of any damage to your home.

For example, a dog will learn to keep destructive behaviours like chewing and running around outdoors, rather than chewing any expensive furniture in your home. You can even toilet train your dog from the pen, by rewarding your animal when it goes to the toilet there and easily washing away the mess. 

  • Keep the Garden Tidy

Installing a dog pen can help to keep your garden looking tidy, as instead of going to the toilet all over your garden, your dog will go in one space making it easier to clean up. Giving your dog its own space can also prevent it from digging up the garden or destroying any flower beds.

High-Quality Outdoor Dog Pens for Sale

Here at Benchmark Kennels, we offer a range of bespoke dog kennels that are completely customisable, so you can adapt each product to suit your dog’s breed and size. 

Outdoor kennels are an excellent way for your dog to enjoy the outdoors safely. All of our kennels are handmade with professional fitting to give you peace of mind. We offer single, duo and triple kennels, suitable for a range of dog sizes and breeds. We also offer a variety of optional extras to customise your kennel including additional storage spaces and separate sleeping areas.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements or order your kennel online today.


What size dog pen do I need?

The size of your dog pen will vary depending on the size of your dog. A dog pen should provide enough space for your pooch to stand up, lie down, turn around and move. Here at Benchmark Kennels, we provide a range of sizes to accommodate different breeds, with the option to fully customise your kennel.

Where can I buy a dog pen?

Here at Benchmark Kennels, we hand make every kennel to ensure it is high-quality and guaranteed to last a very long time. Affordable and secure, our dog pens are perfect for any breed or size. Simply shop online or visit our Barnsley store.

How long can a dog be in a dog pen?

The length of time a dog can stay in the pen will depend on its breed, personality, age and the type of kennel you opt for. As a general rule, you should avoid leaving your dog in a pen for any longer than six hours.

Here at Benchmark Kennels, our range of high-quality kennels can be used as permanent housing solutions. However, a dog pen should not be used for a long period of time if your dog is accustomed to living indoors or has behavioural problems as this can cause anxiety and stress.

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