Four Bay Kennels

At Benchmark Kennels, we take pride in offering top-notch multi bay dog kennels designed for optimum comfort and security. Our exclusive range of four bay kennels is meticulously crafted in-house using durable, anti-chew steel and low-maintenance pressure-treated timber.

Each of our multi bay kennels boasts a robust 45 x 45mm framework, 12mm thick OSB 3 roof sheets, and heavy-duty IKO felt, ensuring superior durability and protection. The panels are expertly screwed together to create a secure environment for your canine companions, guaranteeing their safety and peace of mind.

These kennels are thoughtfully designed with full-height floor-to-ceiling divides and individual ceilings in each separate kennel. This innovative layout minimises noise and retains heat during the winter months, providing a warm and comfortable space for your pets.

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