A dog enclosure is a must for every furry friend, providing essential fresh air and outdoor time. Prioritise your pet’s safety and happiness with our robust collection of outdoor enclosures.

Offering a secure space for your canine, our outdoor enclosures bring peace of mind when running errands or tackling household chores. These enclosures create a designated area where your pet can feel safe, roam freely, and use excess energy, promoting mental stimulation for an all-around happier pooch.

Benchmark Kennels presents metal outdoor dog enclosures, ensuring a stable and secure home that aids in toilet training. Whether for a few hours or a permanent residence, our bespoke single door enclosures feature anti-chew metal panels suitable for even the most energetic dogs. The shelters are made from 2 walls of timber and 2 walls of caging with a standard felt roof, shielding your pet from harsh weather conditions.

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