Double Dog Kennels

Our double dog kennels are the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking a secure and comfortable environment for housing two dogs separately in their gardens. This innovative design not only benefits your pets but also aids in effective dog training while providing a haven away from the main house.

Indulge your furry friends in the luxury of their own spaces, allowing them to relax independently yet remain close to their pack mates. Crafted with expertise, our double dog kennels are designed to ensure optimum comfort and security. We use only the highest-quality materials, including pressure-treated tanalised wood, for the framework, cladding, and flooring. This choice of wood guarantees resistance against rot and insect attacks, significantly prolonging the lifespan of our dog kennels.

Our commitment to quality extends to the roof design, featuring high-performance roof sheets and heavy-duty roof felt. These carefully selected materials provide exceptional protection, ensuring your dogs stay dry and comfortable even in the wettest weather conditions.

We also offer a variety of other dog pens, such as dog runs and kennels.

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