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Keep your dogs comfortable in all conditions with our range of thermal dog kennels.

Built using high-quality materials, our collection of outside insulated dog kennels provide your dog with a safe and cosy living space that can be used all year round. And because they’re both lighter in weight and easier to clean than traditional wood, thermal dog kennels are quicker to relocate and easier to maintain. 

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Eco-Thermal WPC kennels keep temperatures regulated in cold and hot conditions. Their low-maintenance design includes well-ventilated raised floors, making them easy to clean.

Our thermal kennels include an ultra-thick waterproof roofing system with heavy-duty shed felt for superior dryness and are all installed by professionals, making constructing the kennel completely hassle-free.

With an approximate highest point of 7ft and approximate caging of 6ft. they include interlocking hollow boards that deliver an extra layer of insulation

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The recommended minimum temperature of a dog kennel should be 10 degrees Celsius. And also it’s recommended that kennels should remain at around 10-12 degrees for both young and adult dogs. Although, this may vary to suit the needs of some long-haired breeds.

There are many benefits to thermal dog kennels. For instance, they ensure the kennel is at the right temperature in all conditions. And because thermal materials won’t degrade, store lice, diseases or bad smells, thermal kennels are very hygienic and safe for dogs.

Thermal dog kennels can be stored wherever you have the space and many of them come with raised and removable floors to suit your garden space. Although it’s recommended that you avoid low areas of the garden or land where rainwater collects.

There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that your dog is kept nice and cosy in its dog kennel during the winter. Common measures include insulated dog kennels (a service we offer here at Benchmark Kennels), getting rid of any draughts, positioning the insulated kennel away from direct wind, adding carpets and rugs inside, and raising the dog kennel and the dog beds off the ground to reduce heat loss.

The best thing to add to a dog house for warmth is insulation. Solutions for insulated dog kennels include foil-backed foam boards, which are simple to install and effective in keeping heat in your dog’s kennel. Other features you can add include a thick dog bed and warm bedding, along with a door flap or pop hole entrance to reduce heat loss.

Yes, all outdoor dog kennels should be adequately insulated in order to keep your dog warm and well. The most effective way of creating an insulated kennel is to insulate the inside walls of your dog kennel with materials such as thick rockwool or foil-backed foam boards. Insulating the inside walls instead of the outside ones can help to prevent your dog from chewing the insulating materials. 

Our range of Eco-Thermal insulated dog kennels are built to keep your canine pals warm and cosy all year round. These kennels are well-ventilated, feature raised floors, and also include interlocking hollow boards which add an extra layer of insulation to form cavity walls.

Yes, an insulated dog kennel will help to keep your dog warm, especially during winter. Insulated dog kennels work by reducing heat loss inside of the kennel and providing a barrier between warm inside temperatures and cold outside temperatures.

Our range of Eco Thermal dog kennels are a great solution for keeping your dog warm and well all year round. They use interlocking hollow boards to add an extra layer of insulation and form a cavity wall, enabling as much heat retention as possible.

You can create heated dog kennels in a number of ways. For example, insulation is an effective way of reducing heat loss in an outside dog kennel, you should also aim to draught-proof the kennel and patch any existing holes that could let cold air in. We also recommend raising the floors of your heated dog kennel to improve air circulation, and investing in a thick dog bed and warm bedding to keep your dog warm and cosy in their home.

If you’re looking for a heated dog kennel that already has the facilities to keep your dog warm, we recommend our quality range of Eco Thermal dog kennels. Available in a variety of sizes, these kennels are designed to keep your canine pal well-heated all year round.

Yes, just like our homes need heating, your dog’s kennel will need to be heated to a certain degree in order to ensure that they are comfortable. Dog kennels do not require as much heat as our homes, it is recommended that kennels be kept at an ideal temperature of around 10-12 degrees.

At Benchmark Kennels, we have a selection of heated dog kennels for sale. Our Eco Thermal range of dog kennels have built in features such as cavity wall insulation to ensure that your dog stays warm and well all year round.

It is suitable for your dog to live outside during the winter as long as they are provided with proper shelter, e.g. heated dog kennels. A well insulated dog kennel is a great option for those wanting to keep their pets outdoors in the winter.


Please note, if your dog is small, young, short-haired or particularly old, it may be advised that you do not keep them outside for too long during winter. Always remember to properly supervise your pet, especially when they live outdoors.

It is permissible to let your dog stay outside during winter if they have a safe, well insulated dog kennel. Kennels such as our Eco-Thermal range are built to keep your pet warm in chilly weather. However, it is always recommended that you keep an eye on your dog even if they have a dog kennel.

It is not safe to heat your dog kennel using space-heaters, as these can pose a significant fire risk. However, there are many safer ways in which you can heat your dog’s house. These include insulation, draught-proofing and thick dog beds. Our Eco-Thermal range of heated dog kennels are a great solution for dog owners wanting to ensure that their pets are kept warm whilst outdoors.

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