The Best Cities for Dogs Around the World

8th March 2022
Across the globe there’s lots of exciting cities full of fantastic attractions, but what about the best places for our four-legged friends? As people move back to the city and look to get away more through 2022, where will dog owners be looking to travel to that caters exactly for their pet’s needs? Benchmark Kennels […]

A Dog's Favourite Biscuits and Treats Revealed for International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – 23rd February

17th February 2022
  With International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day fast-approaching, how can we make sure our dogs enjoy their special day as much as possible? While the origins of this festivity remain unclear, we know exactly how it should be celebrated – with a biccy! Dog biscuits were first marketed in 1860 by an Ohio salesman by […]

How to Stop your Dog from Biting

6th October 2021
All dogs have the potential to bite, even if they haven't shown aggressive behaviour before. It’s the pet owners responsibility to mitigate this behaviour with training. Recent research revealed that there had been a huge rise in online users searching for 'dog bite', 'dog bite lawyer', and 'dog attack' since the pandemic puppy boom. These […]

How to Fix Dog Behavioural Problems Caused by Lockdown

20th September 2021
During the UK lockdown, many people used their unexpected free time to welcome a new pet into their home, creating a puppy boom. However, the restrictions made training dogs challenging, which has led to a rise in behavioural problems. As well as younger puppies, the change in routine has also likely impacted the behaviour of […]

How to Stop your Dog's Excessive Barking

25th August 2021
Barking is a normal form of communication among dogs, but it can become destructive if it happens continuously and at inappropriate times. While you can’t completely stop your dog from barking, you can reduce it to a manageable level. Benchmark Kennels has put together a guide on the possible causes of excessive dog barking, how […]

The Most Popular UK Areas for Dog Adoption

28th July 2021
At the height of lockdown, many welcomed furry friends into their homes, creating a puppy boom. However, now that life has returned to normal for some and others are experiencing job uncertainty, several owners have sadly had to place their dogs in shelters. According to Battersea, 31% of people who acquired a dog or cat […]