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The Most Dog-Friendly Cities Across The Globe

Across the globe there’s lots of exciting cities full of fantastic attractions, but what about the best dog-friendly cities for our four-legged friends?

As people move back to the city and look to get away more through 2022, where will dog owners be looking to travel to that caters exactly for their pet’s needs? Benchmark Kennels have rounded up and analysed the top ten most dog-friendly cities across the globe, looking into factors such as the number of veterinarians, groomers, parks, pet stores, pet friendly restaurants, the dog-friendliness of the climate and transport, ranking almost one hundred of the largest cities across the globe, to reveal which are the most dog-friendly.

Whether you’re considering moving home or simply taking your pooch for a weekend away, this guide on the topmost dog-friendly cities is the perfect read for you.

The ten most dog-friendly cities across the globe

1 – London

Overall, London ranks first as the top most dog-friendly city across the globe. After being assessed on several factors such as the number of parks, dog groomers and pet stores, London ranked first out of 85 of cities worldwide.

The UK capital took the lead on the number of dog walking services with 834 in the area. With 163 parks, you’ll never be short of somewhere to walk your pooch and with 240 pet stores, you can count on London for your much-needed pooch supplies.

With 92 paw-friendly rentals and 71 dog-friendly restaurants, London is certainly one of the best places across the globe to visit with your furry friend. In fact, in January 2022, it was revealed that London housed the best dog-friendly hotel (Lucknam Park) in the UK.

With 240 veterinarians and a dog-friendly metro, London has certainly earned the accolade of the top most dog-friendly city.

2 – New York City

The city of New York ranked second in the top most dog-friendly areas in the world, after being assessed on a number of paw-friendly factors. The data revealed that New York has around 423 dog walking services and 94 parks, so your pooch can enjoy plenty of fresh air.

With 60 dog groomers and 240 pet stores, your furry friend can continue looking and feeling their best.

If you’re looking to visit New York, the city offers 116 dog-friendly rentals and the largest number of paw-friendly restaurants across the globe, with 548. New York city is well-known for its wonderful cuisine, so you and your pooch can enjoy some pawsome food together!

3 – Toronto

One of the best dog-friendly cities across the globe is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario, Toronto, which ranks third. The study revealed that the city has around 188 dog walking services and 88 parks, providing your pooch with plenty of fresh air and space to explore the beautiful city.

With plenty of dog-friendly businesses to visit such as the 33 paw-friendly restaurants the city offers, there’s still plenty of places to take your much loved pooch.

Although there are a few more rules when it comes to travelling on the metro with your dog, it is still allowed, making it much easier to get from place to place. However, your canine must be on a leash or secured in an enclosed container during weekends and weekday off-peak periods.

4 – Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia, ranks fourth with 256 dog walking services and 73 open space parks. Melbourne reaches top temperatures of approximately 20.4°C, making it the perfect warm environment, without being too hot and risking your dog’s health.

With 279 dog groomers in the city, your pooch will never have to worry about looking for places to get a haircut again.

With 240 pet stores and veterinarians, Melbourne is sure to have all of your pets needs covered. When it comes to travelling across the city of Melbourne, your pooch will be allowed on public transport, as long as it is wearing a leash and muzzle.

5 – Berlin

The capital of Germany ranks fifth, with around 429 dog walking services and 54 parks for your pooch to roam in.

Jam packed with paw-friendly attractions, Germany is an extremely dog-friendly area where pooches are allowed almost everywhere including in 56 dog-friendly rentals and on public transport free of charge.

With 240 veterinarian’s in the area, you can be sure your furry friend is safe in any unexpected emergencies, and with 171 pet stores you won’t have to travel far for your pooch’s essential supplies.

With an average daytime temperature of around 14°C, you can be confident your dog will enjoy walkies, without being too cold or getting heatstroke.

6 – Madrid

Although it may have gone under your radar when it came to a pooch holiday, Madrid ranks sixth and is actually one of the most dog-friendly cities, having an average daytime temperature of around 20.5°C.

With 124 dog-friendly rentals you’ll have plenty of places to stay, and plenty of places to travel to, as in Madrid, all pooches are allowed on public transport.

With 793 dog walking services and 36 parks, you can enjoy the scenery with your much-loved pet.

With 127 dog groomers in the city, you can always take your pooch for a trim if they get too warm or even buy them some pet cooling supplies from one of the 121 pet stores in the area.

7 – Paris

Known as the city of love, Paris ranks seventh. The city of Paris houses around 426 dog walking services and 171 parks, making it one of the top ten most paw-friendly areas.

You can visit all of the top attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Château de Versailles and a range of other places, with the Metro being pet-friendly and free. The whole city is yours to explore!

The city of Paris has around 80 pet stores and 240 veterinarians, a well-equipped area for your pooch.

If all of that walking has worked up an appetite, enjoy some french cuisine with your pet in the city of romance, at one of the 11 dog friendly restaurants the city has to offer.

8 – Tokyo

Eighth is the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Well-known for its cherry blossoms, markets and sacred sites, the city offers around 539 dog-friendly parks to explore. With 33 dog-friendly rentals, you won’t be short of places to stay either. With pooches allowed on public transport, you can explore all Tokyo has to offer.

Take your pet to one of the 173 groomers or 240 pet stores in the city for a pamper and a little treat.

With an average daytime temperature of around 18.5°C, you and your pooch can be comfortable without being too warm or too cold on your adventures.

9 – Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. came ninth in the top most dog-friendly cities with 141 dog walking services and 40 parks.

With 384 dog-friendly restaurants to choose from, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy the top dishes and drinks of the city including pizza and craft beer.

Washington D.C. has around 38 dog-friendly rentals, which is more than enough choice when it comes to fantastic places to stay.

With the freedom to roam Washington D.C., and dogs being allowed on public transport, you can enjoy the city to the fullest potential, looking around the grounds of The White House or even around one of the 240 pet stores Washington D.C. has to offer.

With 240 veterinarians in the area you can be sure you’re covered if your pet does fall ill.

10 – Barcelona

Barcelona ranks tenth in the top most dog-friendly cities across the globe. Barcelona is known for its stunning architecture and world-class cuisine. With 76 dog-friendly parks to roam and 6 dog friendly restaurants, you can enjoy the best parts of the city with your furry friend.

In Barcelona, the metro is dog-friendly so you won’t have to worry about travelling around without your pooch, they can enjoy every part of the trip by your side. Housing 61 dog-friendly rentals, you won’t be short of places to stay in the city, either.

With 88 groomers and 72 pet stores in Barcelona, your pooch can enjoy a well-deserved treat on their holiday.

The United States houses the most dog-friendly cities 

The research revealed that the United States houses the top most dog-friendly cities with both New York and Washington D.C. ranking in the top ten.

The most dog-friendly UK cities

The researchers also looked into which UK cities are the most dog-friendly, using the same metrics – including the number of veterinarians, groomers, parks, pet stores, pet friendly restaurants, and the dog-friendliness of the climate and transport.

Cheryl Sampson, Marketing Manager at Benchmark Kennels, says: “Now that life has returned back to normal for most of us, thinking about moving home or taking our dogs on holiday with us has become important after spending so long at home with our canine companions. 

“When thinking about moving home or taking your pooch on holiday, it’s important to weigh up the dog-friendly facilities that the area has to offer. 

“Moving to a place with lots of dog-friendly businesses such as restaurants and cafes is idyllic as you can take your dog with you, no matter where you go. 

“If you are a frequent user of public transport it is always worth checking whether they allow dogs on the metro too. 

“Before committing to a decision, consider all of the facilities the area has to offer, as it is important your pooch receives the exercise they need and the attention they deserve.”

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