Five Bay Kennels

Explore our exclusive range of five bay kennels at Benchmark Kennels. Crafted for breeders, shelters, and dog enthusiasts, these kennels boast robust construction using pressure-treated wood, ensuring resilience against rot, decay, and insect attacks.

Our large dog kennels feature roofs designed with high-quality felt and high-performance sheets, providing shelter for your dogs in adverse weather conditions. With 5cm galvanised panels, these kennels offer secure fencing and excellent ventilation, allowing your dogs to regulate their temperature effectively.

Prioritising safety, our large dog kennels offer peace of mind, even for the most energetic dog breeds. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and quality with Benchmark Kennels. Effortlessly order online and enjoy the benefits of our nationwide delivery service. Our professional team ensures seamless installation, making the process hassle-free for you.

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