How to Protect Your Dog From Theft

19th May 2021
The demand for puppies dramatically increased during lockdown, with many suddenly having an abundance of time to train a new pet. However, the rise in people buying dogs resulted in huge price inflations. Since March 2020, puppies have surged in value by an average of £1,249. The escalated puppy prices have unfortunately led to a […]

How to Stop Your Dog's Destructive Chewing

22nd April 2021
Chewing is normal dog behaviour, as it keeps their jaws strong and teeth clean. It's also one of the ways that dogs explore the world and can even evoke calmness. However, chewing becomes problematic when dogs gnaw valuable or dangerous household items. The goal isn't to stop them from chewing completely, as dogs find this […]

The Most Inflated Puppy Prices

15th March 2021
Research carried out by Benchmark Kennels has revealed the priciest puppies in the UK, finding average asking prices ranging from £1,050 to £3,700, over double the pre-lockdown 2020 value. With puppy prices climbing since the start of last year, our team decided to investigate exactly how much more expensive it has become to welcome a […]

Vote for Your Favourite Dog Breed

9th March 2021
One of the most hotly debated topics in the canine world is which breed is top dog. So we’ve set up a poll for you to vote for your favourite breed. If you can’t see your choice on the list, tick ‘other’ at the end of the answers and add your favourite. We’re also interested […]

Understanding Your Dog's Behaviour to Strengthen Your Bond

25th February 2021
If you've ever wished your dog could talk, all you have to do is look closer to realise they're constantly communicating with you. Canines show their emotions through body language, facial expressions, and sounds. Recognising the signals of each feeling will allow you to respond appropriately without misunderstanding their intentions.    Although pups don't have […]

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Breed Need?

21st January 2021
Whether you already have a dog as part of the family or are considering welcoming one into your home, it’s essential to know how much exercise they require. A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise or isn’t stimulated can end up becoming depressed or anxious due to the excess energy that can be mistaken for […]