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At Benchmark Kennels, we are on a mission to ensure all pets are well-cared for, happy and healthy.

From training and safety, to lockdown tips and dog kennels, we’re here to help our customers and their pets. That’s why we want to round up the best dog-friendly pubs in Yorkshire, so that when they reopen, you can take your buddy with you.

It’s no secret that our pets are enjoying the 24/7 company at the moment, but they aren’t prepared for that to suddenly change. We want to help ease your pets back into ‘normal’ life, so vote for your favourite dog friendly pub in Yorkshire so other families know where to go with their pups.

If you can’t see your favourite on the list, tick ‘other’ at the end of the survey and add your favourite.

We will release the top 10 when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we’re able to visit these pubs safely.

*Update* Please note when leaving comments:

Please include the full name and location of the pub you are commenting on. If you wish to add a pub to the list, please use the last checkbox ‘other’ to add your suggestion and we will update our survey. Recommendations in the comment section of this post will not be counted, only those in the ‘other’ checkbox will be counted.

53 Comments to “ Vote for the Best Dog Friendly Pub in Yorkshire”

  1. Maureen Boulton-Lear says :

    Please could you add
    The Wheatsheaf Inn, Carperby, Leyburn. DL8 4DF

    1. Markus says :

      The crown and cushion in Welburn, very welcoming to both my dogs and also me. They always have dog biscuits at the ready with lots of cuddles to give them. We always enjoy the nice company of all staff they are always so polite and caring. We are very regular to this pub and we will continue to visit.

  2. Fountain Hotel Hawes. The heart of this Yorkshire Dales market town, The Fountain is a true family pub that welcomes dogs as much as any other customer. A rural business that doesn’t just accept dogs in the building because it gets paying customers in, but because they are people who have dogs and know that dogs are part of the family unit.

  3. Sarah says :

    Always make us and our pooch feel so welcome! Our little dog always gets a treat and a cuddle.

  4. Susan Humphreys says :

    Really friendly and welcoming, would recommend

  5. Dylan Mackenzie says :

    A dog owners paradise, so friendly, all the staff make a fuss of the dogs and even give them treats!!! So friendly and calm which is important. A really warm yorkshire welcome ????

  6. G Dale says :

    The Fountain Hawes. Proper dog friendly pub, would definitely recommended

  7. Donna Forster says :

    Fantastic pub. Extremely welcoming and friendly. Dogs are just as welcome as their owners. Always bowl of water down for them and treats given too. Highly recommended

  8. A morton says :

    Very friendly. Dogs welcome with well behaved owners 😉 recommended

  9. Victoria Nicholson says :

    Crown & Cushion are so welcoming with dog biscuits at the ready.
    After a nice dog walk there’s nothing better than a lit fire for the dog to rest in front of, a nice glass of something & a bowl of chips.
    Muddy boots are also never an issue which can’t be helped in our lovely countryside full of wonderful walks to explore.

  10. Karan Chiverton says :

    The Crown and Cushion in Welbur is a very dog friendly pub which make you feel very welcome.

  11. E Forster says :

    Lovely pub and staff. Welcomes dogs as well as people. Very friendly and often give treats to dogs. Always a bowl of water ready for them.

  12. Cadi Hughes says :

    Without doubt, the best pub in Yorkshire. So welcoming to both humans and our fur babies.

  13. Julia Loveless says :

    The wheatsheaf inn in Carperby is fantastic

  14. The crown and cushion in welburn a dog friendly pub with treats for them, an open fire great food and warm friendly staff to greet you experience the Joy’s of walking in the beautiful surroundings countryside followed by good quality food and drink what more could you ask for you would be barking mad not too !!!!

  15. Jo Pullen says :

    Great location, All staff very friendly and welcoming, Amazing food and and drinks available

    1. Jo Pullen says :

      The Wheatshef, Carperby that is!
      Great location, All staff very friendly and welcoming, Amazing food and and drinks available

  16. Tim Lee says :

    Usually more dogs than people

  17. Rachel McCarthy says :

    The fountain pub is so cosy and has a lovely family run atmosphere and all are welcome even our dogs are made to feel welcome.

  18. Jonathon haigh says :

    Nice friendly pub, bar staff greet every customer with a smile, and they like to meet every dog that come in and if there aloud a treat they always get one also if it’s raining they have doggy towels to dry them. Best pub ive ever been into ????

  19. Karen Sweeney says :

    Please add The Durham Ox, Crayke

    1. Catherine Walker says :

      Hi Karen, we have added this pub now – thanks for your help!

  20. Rita lunn says :

    The Fountain In Hawes is not only the most dog friendly pub. But also the most friendliest pub you will visit. I have been visiting Hawes for over 6 years now. Mandy, Angus and Kim snd all the staff are brilliant. The food is second to none. Amazing menu. Cooked to perfection. Well done. Roll on the end of this bad time. So we can visit again.

  21. Natalie says :

    Pub and accommodation. Fabulous for dogs and their owners.

  22. Ally says :

    Great pub .great food

  23. Rebecca says :

    My dog loves this place and is always welcome- she heads for the door whenever we walk past

  24. Mark Bleasdale says :

    Fountain hotel in Hawes is a very welcoming friendly place to take your family and your four legged friend for delicious food with local award winning beers. The hotel also accepts pooch which are well behaved of a good night’s sleep and knock out breakfast in the morning. Set in most picturesque village in Yorkshire with views to die for. Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  25. Keely says :

    The crown and cushion Welburn, very polite and welcoming staff spacious and cosy venue. Biscuits and treats available all the time. Excellent atmosphere. Can’t recommend enough.

  26. Carol Slater says :

    Fountain, Hawes is a fantastic dog friendly pub!
    (Isnt the Forresters at Kilburn closed following a fire?)

  27. Juliette says :

    The Crown and Cushion in Welburn always make a fuss of dogs, giving them treats and making them feel very welcome. It’s the most dog friendly pub we’ve found.

  28. colin edmund jones says :

    plenty of Drinking Bowls out for your furry friends at the Fountain in Hawes

  29. Louise says :

    The Fountain Hotel, Hawes is truly dog friendly. Treats, water, treats, dog towels, treats, plenty of space in front of the fire, treats, lovely owners and staff who always give dogs a warm welcome and did I mention treats? Great food and beer, too ????????????

  30. Jemma Hogg says :

    Best pub in the dales for dogs and humans ????

  31. Regina Barrs says :

    I love the Wheatsheafe Inn
    Always friendly
    Lovely atmosphere

  32. Karen Bleasdale says :

    Been to a number of pubs with my dogs and The Fountain is by far the most accommodating! They have towels specifically to dry your dogs on rainy days, they are provided with a number of water bowls and are regularly offered complimentary treats! We even booked a reservation for our human lunch and knowing that we would have dogs with us, a dish of treats were left on the table for our furry friends! The Fountain definitely can’t be beaten!

  33. Emma Paterson says :

    Fountain Hotel in Hawes! For pups and and people it is fabulous!

  34. Marc edon says :

    The crown and cushion in woburn is amazing, martin is always so accommodating when I bring my little fur baby…nothing is too much of an ask and I need to ask where he gets the treats from as oscar loves them!

  35. Marc edon says :


  36. Alec Barnett says :

    The Fountain in Hawes is our local where we meet our friends both human and canine .Often get dragged in by our Welsh terrier who loves to socialise with her crowd and meet newcomers.We are a happy bunch and cant wait to get back to see Angus,Mandy and co. Bonnie also chomping at the bit er biscuit????????

    1. Catherine Walker says :

      This has now been added Kim if you’d like to vote ????

  37. Kim says :

    The Oak Tree Inn, Helperby.

  38. Kurt says :

    Lovely pub, and staff are fantastic

  39. Jan Attwood says :

    A proper welcome for our four legged friends at the Oak Tree ,Helperby from the staff . Walkers ,gundogs and regular pet dogs all very relaxing!

  40. Tom says :

    Very good space for dogs

  41. D D says :

    Love the fountain in Hawes ! Brilliant atmosphere, always looked after and make me and my dog feel right at home..
    Perfect for all dog lovers! And for those that fancy a cozy pint by the fire ..
    Would highly recommend !

  42. Ingrid Hogg says :

    The White Horse at Upper Poppleton, dog biscuits on the bar staff get your dog a fresh bowl of water. Inside seating at front of pub where dogs allowed and you can dine. Staff really dog friendly always engaging and ask about him if you go in without pet.

    1. Catherine Walker says :

      We have added this pub for you to vote on ????

  43. Wilf Charlton says :

    The Fountain,Hawes doesn’t just welcome dogs but embraces them!

  44. David Storey says :

    Please add The Goodmanham Arms in the village of Goodmanham, East Yorkshire.

  45. Debbie Ashcroft says :

    Lovely dog friendly pub in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales

  46. Tony says :

    This is a fantastic pub in the yorkshire dales The Wheatsheaf inn caRperby great food beer and friendly helpful staff and plenty of room for the dogs

  47. Jessica Grant says :

    The Wheatsheaf Inn, Carperby.
    Our favourite pub to visit in the Dales have lived in yorksgire for 6 years and have yet to find a pub to compare! Buddy our 5yr old collie loves to settle under the table after a walk whilst we enjoy our meals!

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