Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

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There are so many things to consider when you’re choosing a dog. Whether you’re a Staffie fan or a Labrador lover, the UK’s most popular dog breeds show how much a part of the family man’s best friend really is. Does your favourite dog make it into the top ten? 

Whether you’re on a hunt for a new addition to the family or are simply curious, Benchmark Kennels are here to highlight the UK’s most popular dog breeds.

1. Labrador Retrievers

According to the Yorkshire Post, the pooches taking the top spot are Labrador Retrievers. Labradors are known for being friendly and warm and have a playful side that makes them a great choice for families with young children. Gentle and easy to please, they’ll fast become part of the family thanks to their loving, loyal nature. Happy exploring, swimming and playing, Labradors love being around people and are sure to give back any affection you give them. They’ll chew anything in sight though, so be sure to keep any expensive belongings out of reach.


2. Cockapoos

Next up, Cockapoos are very popular among dog lovers thanks to their mixed breeding. These friendly pups are as intelligent as cocker spaniels, with the cute curly hair of poodles. Outgoing and hyper without shedding lots of hair, Cockapoos are very energetic, but won’t leave those with allergies sneezing due to being hypoallergenic. They can be easily trained and are friendly enough to live happily alongside young children. Adorably affectionate, cockapoos soak up love and affection and make the perfect pup for first-time owners.


3. Springer Spaniels

Coming in at third place on the list of most popular dog breeds are Springer Spaniels. Bouncy and lively, they love being around people and staying active. With a tendency to run around as much as possible, they’re more suited to bigger houses with garden space and will want as much affection and love as you can give them. Springers are susceptible to putting on weight quickly, so it’s best to avoid giving them too many treats on a daily basis and means you will need to dedicate time each day to take them out on long walks.



4. Cocker Spaniels

Definitely one of the cutest and most popular dog breeds, Cocker Spaniels are loyal and loving, wanting a lot of attention and giving it back, too. Cockers have long, soft hair that needs to be brushed frequently, so if you’re sharing your home with a cuddly Cocker Spaniel, be prepared for regular grooming. Affectionate and amenable, they’re as happy snuggling up on the sofa as they are exploring outside. With gentle, positive training, cocker spaniels can be the perfect companion to small children, the elderly and even other animals, as their friendly nature makes them sociable and eager to please.


5. Jack Russells

Best known for their diva-like, independent qualities, Jack Russells are loud, playful and have almost endless energy. Fast and furry, Jack Russells can play for hours on end, so benefit from lots of love, playtime, and grooming to make sure their coats stay soft. Lively and curious, they won’t be afraid to let you know if they don’t get their own way, so they’re best suited to homes with older children and plenty of garden space for them to run around in. Just make sure to put a high fence up: did you know Jack Russells can jump up to 5 feet in the air?



6. German Shepherds

Often known as Alsatians, German Shepherds are faithful, friendly and very loyal. While they’re often portrayed as police dogs, these caring canines can be very gentle, watchful and obedient if trained from a young age. German Shepherds are very protective of their family, and are wary of strangers, making them great guard dogs, family pets and even guide dogs. They are comfortable sleeping in outdoor dog kennels and need to be groomed a few times a week as their soft, fluffy hair sheds regularly.


7. Border Collies

Loved for many years as sheepdogs, these well-known Collies are energetic and playful. Easily intrigued by noises and visuals, Border Collies are alert and quick to bark and let you know if there’s any danger coming, so they make excellent guard dogs too. They need a lot of activity and entertainment, so you should be prepared to take them on long daily walks, as well as having a range of dog toys to hand. This doesn’t mean they never sit still, though. Collies are loved by many families because they’re so keen to snuggle up at the end of the day.



8. Border Terriers

Terriers are known for their energy: thanks to their hunting history, they’ll chase anything in sight. These feisty and independent dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK because of their strong instincts and sociable nature. Playful and friendly, Border Terriers prefer being in the company of their favourite humans, so shouldn’t be left alone for too long. As well as having tons of energy to spend running around outside, terriers also have a tendency to put on weight quickly, so it’s important they get a lot of exercise.


9. Lurchers

Lurchers continue to top the popular dog breeds list because of their lovable, affectionate nature. Bred in all shapes and sizes, Lurchers love long walks and plenty of exercise and are known for being gentle and often quite shy. Because of their amiable, intelligent nature, many Lurchers are also very compatible with children and even other pets. While they need minimal grooming and can be trained easily from a young age, Lurchers can prefer to follow their own commands rather than their owners, so they’re not the best choice for a first-time dog owner.



10. West Highland White Terriers

Sneaking into the last position of the most popular dog breeds, Westies are furry, friendly and fast. Originally bred as vermin hunters, these playful pups are very agile, with harsh white coats that need to be groomed regularly. Because they can push through hedges and underground easily, it’s important your Westie’s coat is clipped often to make sure the dead undercoat never causes any problems. 

Westies have tons of self-esteem, playful energy and are happy to socialise with other dogs, humans and even cats if trained to interact from a young age. Their independent nature means they’ll ignore commands if annoyed, but with firm training, they’ll come to enjoy your company all the more. 

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