The Ultimate Outdoor Environment For Your Dog

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A kennel and wonderful outdoor environment is the best way to make sure that your dog gets between 30 minutes to two hours of outdoor time each day. There is also the principle of attended time versus unattended time. You need some time to spend with your dog, but you also need time to do other things, as does your pet. A single outdoor kennel can be the perfect environment for letting your dog spend its unattended time. Let’s take a look at how you should build the perfect outdoor environment for your pet.

Spending attended time with your dog outdoors

Preferably, your back yard has a dog-safe fence, a dog pool, and other amenities that let your dog stay safe and hydrated. Many people install a dog path that they train their dog to run on. This keeps your dog from wearing down your yard, as they tend to use the same paths to play and run on. If you are with your dog outdoors, always try to keep your dog within eyesight while you are doing chores or relaxing.

For outdoor play, you should consider adding toys that let your dog play tug of war, frisbees, and throwing discs for fun. Another amenity that you should have outdoors for your dog is a plenty of trees and dog-friendly landscaping. Avoid plants that are toxic to pets, including Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Iris, and Lily of the Valley.

When your dog needs to spend unattended time outdoors

Many people need a place to put their dog when they are away from home or busy, such as when they are at work. Sometimes, their work schedule might conflict with the availability of a dog sitter or other family members. For up to two hours, your dog can stay in a kennel outdoors if they are safely hydrated. Here are some things to think about when you are selecting a kennel for your dog:

  • Kennel size: For larger dogs, bigger is always better. For medium-sized dogs or larger, you can select a kennel from Benchmark Kennels starting at 10 x 8 feet. This will give your pet plenty of room to stay comfortable and move around.
  • Strength: Galvanized panels can help make your kennel extremely durable, helping the kennel last longer through the seasons and through wear and tear from your pet.
  • Level base: You will need a level base for your dog kennel to make sure that it stays even and doesn’t allow for your pet to dig. Rubber, felt, epoxy, and other “soft” options are perfect for a kennel installation.A surface such as concrete will also give your kennel the desired level setting that is required for a successful kennel installation.
  • The extras: Consider outdoor-friendly bowls and other options for your dog to make sure that they stay hydrated and fed during their time outside.

Choose Benchmark Kennels for your single dog kennels

You will benefit from a single dog kennel from Benchmark Kennels. All of our kennels include a professional installation and reasonable delivery fee. Give your furry friend the option of spending some time in a comfortable, quality, humane kennel environment when you need unattended time to focus your energy on other things.

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