The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Dog Kennels

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We’re proud to announce our new and improved eco-friendly dog kennels. Our eco range has recently been redesigned to minimise wastage and reduce our company’s carbon footprint. 

At Benchmark Kennels, we aim to deliver high-quality eco-friendly dog kennels to customer specifications while reducing environmental disruption and waste. All of our eco-friendly kennels are now made using diverted plastics from landfill which are converted into wood composite. 

Designed to keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter, our eco-kennels are a sustainable and high-quality dog housing solution. Continue reading to find out the top six benefits of our eco-kennel range.

  • Low Maintenance

Our eco range requires little to no maintenance. So, you won’t need to worry about applying treatments or stains to the kennel, as they are designed to withstand all weather conditions without needing any maintenance. 

Eco-kennels are designed to not rot, crack, or split overtime, requiring very little effort and money to maintain. Highly-resistant and secure, our eco-kennel range is made from WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) boards that are fitted onto a strong and durable steel frame.

  • Suitable All-Year Round

Hard-wearing and long-lasting, our eco-kennels are naturally insulated to provide a secure and cosy living space for your pooch all year round. Designed to keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter, our eco range will keep your pup comfortable throughout any weather conditions. 

All of our eco-kennels come with anti-chew strips as standard to add extra strength and durability to the kennel. If you’re looking to make your kennel completely chew-proof, you can opt for our galvanised anti destruction pack as an optional extra.

  • Sustainable

All of our eco-kennels are manufactured with quality and sustainability in mind, carefully crafted from fully-recycled materials to help reduce our company’s energy usage and environmental impact.

Implementing environmentally-conscious improvements has allowed us to help to save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill every year.  

  • Safe

With dog theft on the rise, safety is always at the top of our priority list when we are planning or designing a new kennel for the market. All of our eco-kennels have two pad bolts per door and heavy duty caging to ensure your dog is safe and secure. 

  • Simple and Easy to Relocate

If you’re looking to move home or rearrange your garden space, you don’t need to worry about leaving our eco-kennel behind or struggling to move it. Our eco range can be easily dismantled and relocated.

  • Easy to Clean

Offering a large entrance that gives owners more headroom for maintaining the kennel, our eco-kennels are easy to clean. They can be easily power washed inside and out, improving hygiene and providing your dog with a clean and comfortable living space. 

Shop Our New Eco-Kennel Range

At Benchmark Kennels, we provide high-quality, secure dog housing solutions at affordable prices. All of our eco-kennels are handmade with professional fitting to give you peace of mind.

No matter what your specific requirements are, we will be able to tailor a kennel perfectly to your dog. Here at Benchmark Kennels, we offer single, duo and triple kennels, suitable for a range of dog sizes and breeds. We also offer a variety of optional extras to customise your kennel. 

Shop our new and improved eco-kennel range online today. Or, contact us if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help!

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