Insulated Dog Cabins

If you’re on the search for insulated dog cabins, at Benchmark Kennels, we provide a range of dog kennels, canine cabins and shelters, each featuring anti-chew materials to ensure durability. 

Our insulated dog houses provide your pooch with the shelter they need during the winter and all year-round. 

Providing them with a cosy place to rest, our versatile and high quality insulated dog houses offer an easy solution when travelling or staying away from home, with their easily portable design featuring wheels.

At Benchmark Kennels, we supply a range of canine cabins, from lightweight dog cabins to fully insulated, heavy-duty ones. 

If your dog loves the outside, you should provide them with a place to shelter. Whether this is a permanent home or somewhere for them to get out of the rain, our insulated dog houses are sure to provide them with the cover they need. 

Our insulated dog cabins are easy to maintain, with a roof that simply removes and a wipeable base. 

Every dog needs a canine cabin, so check out our range of insulated dog cabins today to find a solution you and your pooch will love. 

We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional canine solutions. We’re proud to offer the highest quality affordable dog cabins for sale

Our friendly team are more than happy to help you choose the perfect insulated dog cabin for your dog, just simply contact us for further guidance. We’ll make sure your best friend is comfy and happy. 

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An insulated dog house is a timber shelter made with special material, also known as insulation, to cover all of the cracks and crevices so that no heat is lost, keeping your pooch warm and comfortable.

Insulation is beneficial in a dog cabin, especially if you’re thinking of keeping your canine in the shelter during winter. 

Insulation helps to keep your dog’s body temperature stable, shading them from the sun or protecting them from the cold.

Dogs need a shelter to rest in when they’re outside. 

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it’s important you provide them with a dog cabin so that they can shelter when the weather is poor or when they need a nap. 

A dog cabin is often quite small, so it’s important you don’t pack it with too many items. A comfortable blanket for your pooch to lay on is more than enough and maybe even a cuddly toy.

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