Dog Kennel Accessories

Benchmark Kennels provide a range of dog accessories to tailor any kennel and run to your exact needs. Over several years of manufacturing kennels, our team has developed professional dog kennel accessories that complement our stock sturdy dog kennels.

We provide a range of dog products to cater to any canine, from draught excluders to keep out strong wind, to anti-chew strips that protect your dog kennel entrance. 

Whether you’re looking to customise a kennel for the family pooch, or want to make cleaning several kennels more ergonomic, our range of dog kennel accessories provides plenty of options.

You can combine different dog accessories, and even purchase some products for one of our older kennels that you’d like to modify. Browse our range of dog kennel accessories and contact us for further information.

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  • IKO Felt


    Product Description

    IKO Shed Felt is an economical, bituminous, fibre-based roofing felt with a protective and decorative fine mineral finish. It is used to waterproof and protect our kennels and a variety of common garden buildings, such as sheds, summerhouses and hutches. IKO Shed Felt is available in 1x8m & 1x10m rolls (green only) and is expected to last up to 5 years. The packaging includes full instructions printed on the wrapper.Customise your Kennel
  • Anti-Chew Strips


    Product Description

    Anti-chew strips can be added around the pop hole entrance. This protects the exposed area from chewing and therefore will keep the kennel in top condition for longer.Read more
  • Draught Excluders


    Product Description

    See through PVC draught excluders can be fitted onto the pop hole. This can either be purchased with the kennel during the original order or separately.Read more
  • Waterproof Sealant


    Product Description

    We strongly recommend adding a waterproof sealant once the kennel has been erected.Select options


Benchmark Kennels provide many dog accessories to add to the flooring of your kennel. Popular options are the phenolic raft base and galvanised panel dog kennel accessories, so your kennel’s floor can be easily wiped down and will last longer.

Ensure your dog has comfortable bedding, and add a couple of dog toys to keep your canine entertained. Additional dog products including draft excluders and anti-chew fittings may benefit your dog, depending on your canines requirements.

Insulation will ensure that your dog stays cool during the Summer, and warm during the Winter. The Benchmark Kennels dog accessories range includes deluxe insulation and ply warming that ensures a steady temperature in the dog kennel.

Your kennel can be customised with our popular bed box dog kennel accessory, which provides a smaller, insulated space for your dog within the indoor kennel section.

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