Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose Us?

At Benchmark Kennels we provide high quality kennels at affordable prices. Although we keep our products at competitive prices, we never compromise on quality. Our kennels are handmade and made to order, with professional fitting to give you peace of mind that your kennel will be stable and withstand the elements. Our fast turnaround time means that you should have your kennel delivered and installed within two weeks of ordering. (please be aware this may be longer during extremely busy periods)

No matter what your specific requirements, we will be able to tailor your kennel perfectly for you. We have a vast selection from small singles to large multi bays, perfect to provide secure housing for your pets. We have a large variety of optional extras to customise your kennel, including galvanised anti destruction panels. Our customer testimonials show we complete our work to the highest standard. We are trusted suppliers to the National Trust, Balmoral estate, the royal family of Abu Dhabi, Country estates, top dog breeders and pet owners nationwide.

Bespoke traditional wooden Dog Kennels

We use high quality materials, with all our kennels being built from FSC approved 16mm x 16mm (finished at 12mm) tanalised timber. The shiplap timber we use protects against rot, insect attack and fungus to ensure your kennel will last a long time without damage. Our roofing is made from OSB 3 sheets that is structurally sound and does not allow movement unlike tongue and groove. This is the only product that will support the weight of a person, should our client ever need to access the kennel roof. All our kennels are put together using screws rather than nails, allowing parts to be changed if they ever get damaged. We also include galvanised 5cm gap heavy duty panels as standard.

ECO-Thermal WPC Dog Kennels

Ultimate luxury living for your dog!

Our Eco-Thermal WPC kennels provide the best possible living solution for your dog. Well ventilated, raised floors, and easy to clean, this range is designed to make looking after your pet a breeze. The ECO thermal range is built to outperform similar products on the market. The ultra-thick waterproof phenolic roofing system is finished with heavy-duty shed felt. In addition, interlocking hollow boards add that extra layer of insulation by forming a cavity wall. Extra care and attention have gone into offering complete protection from the elements. The eco-thermal range ensures that your dog is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Customisation Options

We have a range of customisation options so that you can create the perfect kennel for your requirements. We can customise your kennel with the following extras:

Galvanised Anti Destruction Panels

We have created a way to ensure your kennel is kept in top condition. It protects the wood against any destructive behaviours from the dog, ensuring that your kennel will last for many years. This is much more durable than UPVC lining and can be added to any kennel. It adds a sleek appearance as well as being easy to clean.

Upgraded Roof

All our kennels come with IKO shed felt as standard, but we do also have other options available. Corrugated Bitumen roofing sheets provide extra protection against the elements. Box profile roofing sheets, a metal roof designed for exposed areas, is the most durable option available.

Anti-Chew Strips

Anti-chew strips can be added around the pop hole entrance. This protects the exposed area from chewing and therefore will keep the kennel in top condition for longer.

Draught Excluders

See through PVC draught excluders can be fitted onto the pop hole. This
can either be purchased with the kennel during the original order or


We use a thick rockwool insulation with either a ply or galvanised lining on top. This retains the heat in winter while keeping the kennel cool during the warmer months.

Bed Box

Any of our kennels can be made with either the full-size sleeping area or the bed box option at no extra cost. You can also add insulation to make the thermal bed box which is ideal for cooler temperatures.

Sliding Hatches

Sliding hatches can be added over the pop hole entrance. This is ideal for keeping them in the sleeping area overnight and can be made from either phenolic wood on the standard kennels or galvanised steel.

Stable Doors

Allows the opening of just the top section of the door into the sleeping area, great for
warmer months.

Phenolic Raft Base

A thick and durable phenolic wipe clean raft base ideal for when there is a flat surface to sit on. It is non-slip and wipe clean surfaced built on tanalised framing.