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Here at Benchmark Kennels, we pride ourselves on sustainability and durability at all times, which is why we are proud to design, create and sell our Eco Thermal Dog kennels. Made up of a wood and plastic composite, the materials we use are made to last, whilst also being kind to the environment, during and even long after their product life. And of course, your dog’s comfort and safety are not compromised. 

Why choose an Eco Thermal Kennel? 

Our eco-thermal plastic kennels offer a sustainable alternative to traditional pet housing solutions by prioritising environmental considerations throughout their lifecycle – from production to disposal. We are committed to creating spaces for your pet or pets to relax in, feel safe and stay secure. We offer a range of kennels, with space for up to six dogs, and offer both Wooden Dog Kennels and Eco Thermal Plastic Dog Kennels to suit your preferences and needs. Within this blog post, we want to highlight the importance of sustainability and showcase our eco-thermal plastic dog kennel range. 

Environmental Benefits 

There are many advantages to an Eco Thermal Kennel, rather than the more traditional wooden alternative that we offer. Firstly, Eco Thermal Dog kennels are made of wood/plastic composite – partially made of wood hemp and bamboo, and partially made of polypropylene and polyethylene, with galvanised steel framing. Wood plastic composite will not crack, splinter or rot, providing a safe space for your dog that is made to last. 

We choose to use recycled materials to make our kennels in order to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes natural environments. Our Eco Thermal plastic kennels are also fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan.  Materials that have been used to make the kennels have been reprocessed – this means the material has been remade into another plastic product (your new eco kennel!), decreasing the need for virgin plastic production. This also conserves natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas: the raw materials needed for plastic production. 

Creating new plastic products uses significant amounts of energy, but reusing plastic to create new products uses lower greenhouse emissions and has less of a negative impact on the environment.  Eco Thermal kennels support principles of a circular economy by promoting the reduce, reuse and recycle initiative. By closing the loop, the kennels contribute to a more sustainable approach to production, making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Plastic kennels are more energy efficient than wooden kennels; designed with thermal insulation properties that help to regulate temperature inside the kennel. As plastic is a poor conductor of heat, our eco kennels are less likely to transfer heat from the outside, helping to maintain a stable temperature naturally. Maintaining a comfortable temperature, without the unnecessary use of heating and/or air conditioning, can reduce the energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Plastic is a great insulator of heat, meaning the natural properties of the wood plastic composite will hold the heat into the kennel and your dog will be kept warm. 

The wood plastic composite, by its very nature, is a strong and durable material – which is why we use it to create our eco kennels! The way the wood and plastic are composited enhances the natural mechanical properties. It also has better dimensional stability than natural wood, meaning it is less prone to expansion, contraction, warping, or twisting due to changes in temperature or humidity. This characteristic contributes to its overall strength and longevity.  

Benefits for Humans and Dogs

Happy Dog about his Eco Thermal KennelEco Thermal kennels don’t only benefit the environment, but also boast lots of benefits for dogs and their owners alike! Unlike wooden kennels, our Eco Thermal dog kennels require no maintenance, meaning that they require no weather treatment to last all-year round. The wood plastic composite can withstand all weather conditions, without need for any prior treatment.  Dog-related damage is limited due to our anti-chew strips that are added to our cabins when built as standard, and for added peace of mind, our wood plastic composite panels can be easily replaced by slotting them onto the galvanised steel frame.

This leads to another benefit: our Eco dog kennels are suitable for use all year round, in all weather conditions and

 seasons. Not having to move, repurchase or prepare your dog kennel for all of the different seasons makes life so much easier! The wood-plastic composite is rot and water-resistant, allowing you to relax knowing your dog and their new home are protected at all times.

The kennel comes with insulated panels and roof to protect your dog from the elements in the Winter and keep them cool in the Summer. Our Eco Thermal kennels are fitted with draught excluders to keep the chill out in those colder months, keeping your pet warm and cosy.  The 24mm interlocking hollow spaced boards add a layer of insulation by forming a cavity wall. Thermal protection is also a bonus. 

Another huge benefit of Eco Thermal dog kennels is that they are much more hygienic, due to being much easier to clean. The wood plastic composite, used to make the kennel, is chemical, steam and pressure wash resistant allowing you to deep clean your pet’s kennel easily and efficiently. With a large headspace at the opening of the kennel and wipe-clean panels, keeping your dog’s home-from-home clean is simple.  The floors of the cabin are non-slip, waterproof and fully detachable for ease of cleaning. 

Our prices start at £670, and can be accustomed to your dog’s specific needs. The kennels can be made to house up to six dogs, and we are more than happy to accommodate any specific needs that you may have. If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us