Year-Round Comfort in Outdoor Kennels: Advanced Climate Control and Seasonal Adaptation Tips

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It’s reported that 1 in 7 dogs across the UK have died from a heat-related condition. With temperatures on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect your dog from the dangers of heat stroke.

This is why outdoor dog kennels need built-in climate control to keep your dog comfortable all year long. From location to ventilation, there are precautionary measures you can take to help keep your pet’s kennel cool.

Keep reading to learn about kennel climate control for pets.

Air Flow and Location

Does your outdoor kennel have some type of vinyl tarp or other heavy-duty material covering its sides in the winter? If so, remove it during the summer to help air circulate. These tarps might heat a kennel during cold months, but they trap body heat and restrict airflow.

Next, consider where you install your kennel. You want to avoid sunny areas that can cause the kennel to become overheated. It’s best to look for shady spots.


Insulation works in the winter and summer and can be used to line your kennel’s floors, walls, and ceiling. You can select aluminum foil bubble, foam board, or fiberglass insulation.

You should always install some type of solid surface, such as plywood, over the insulation. This prevents your dog from chewing and ingesting it, which can lead to a myriad of health issues and even death. When properly installed, insulation can add kennel climate control.


While ice water gives your dog a fun toy during the summer, you can also use frozen bottles of water to cool your dog’s kennel. Your dog can lay next to them, helping them cool off during hot summer days.

Additionally, you can always use a cooling pad or mat to help keep your dog comfortable.


You may have used rugs, flannel sheets, towels, or other thick bedding during the cold months, or you may have used some type of shavings to line the floor of your dog’s kennel. Although these items can keep your pet warm in the fall and winter, they can also trap body heat during warmer seasons and should be removed in spring and summer.

Consider lightweight bedding such as breathable cotton sheets or other lightweight blankets. You can also look for pet beds with cooling gel inside them.

Fans and AC

There are small kennel fans you can install, providing you have access to electricity. If not, you can talk to an electrician about installing something to keep your pooch comfortable. There are even solar-powered fans you can look into.

Should you decide to install air conditioning, you may be worried about the cost. It’s a surprisingly affordable option to keep your pet cool. You can find portable floor AC units that keep small rooms cool that will work wonders. Although you may need an electrician and carpenter to install it, you’ll have a kennel that keeps your dog comfortable during those warm summer months.

Additionally, speak to your electrician about an exterior heater to keep your kennel climate controlled in the winter.

Climate Control for Outdoor Dog Kennels

There’s no shortage of ways to heat and cool outdoor dog kennels. You can try simple techniques such as an added layer of insulation and installing your kennel in a shady spot, or you can treat your dog to air conditioning and heating, ensuring their comfort and safety all year long.

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