International Dog Day Brainteaser: Spot the Yorkie on the Beach

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Where’s the elusive Yorkshire Terrier on this beach?

With international dog day fast approaching (the 26th!) Benchmark Kennels have produced an exciting brainteaser for the dog loving puzzle pundits among us. Somewhere below, there’s a Yorkshire Terrier hidden among the bigger dog breeds on this busy beach.

It took us 30 seconds to spot the Yorkie – how long will it take you?

Can you find the yorkshire terrier on the beach for international dog day?

International Dog Day was originally started as National Dog Day in the USA, before becoming a day of celebration for dog lovers all over the world.

Whether you’re considering donating to assistance dogs, or fancy treating your pooch to a really long walk, the 26th of August is a great excuse to splash out on your favourite canines.

This year, we’ve chosen to increase awareness around one of our favourite breeds.

The Yorkshire Terrier has seen the largest reduction in kennel club registrations of any breed over the past thirty years, falling 97% from 24,015 registrations in 1990, to 644 in 2019. We’ve created this spot the Yorkie brainteaser to highlight the reductions in this iconic breed’s registrations across the UK.

Let us know how quickly you find this Yorkie – have you beaten our time?

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