Designing an Optimal Outdoor Kennel: Advanced Features for the Ultimate Dog Sanctuary

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If you’re among the 34% of UK homes with a pet dog, you may be in the market for an outdoor kennel. Not only do kennels assist your pooch with potty training, but they offer mental stimulation while helping to control their energy levels.

As you search for a housing solution for your beloved pet, you might find yourself wondering about the best dog kennels for the outside and what features to look for.

There are several key factors to consider, such as the size of your kennel and proper ventilation and insulation, and we’ll cover them all in this article. Keep reading to learn more about creating the best outdoor dog kennel.


If you have a puppy, consider what size kennel you’ll need as your dog grows. Also, consider if you’ll house other dogs in the future.

The ideal kennel will be big enough for your pooch to move freely about and stretch its legs. You want them to be comfortable. Incorporate plenty of room for food, water, and bedding.


Part of proper kennel design includes adequate insulation to keep the interior comfortable during different weather conditions. Although you should not keep your pets outside during extreme weather and should look to bring them inside, insulation can give your dog a comfortable and safe space outside.

Always cover the insulation with some type of wooden board to prevent your dog from eating it, as this can cause severe health issues and possibly death.


Never purchase a kennel made from cheap materials. High-quality materials provide you with a kennel that lasts for years, can withstand weather conditions, and is leak-proof. You may also find that high-quality materials make it difficult for your pooch to chew or destroy the kennel.

You should also keep your outdoor dog kennel cozy with extra bedding. A plush space on the floor gives your dog somewhere to cuddle up when it’s colder out. Use lightweight bedding or cooling pads in the summer, along with raised beds for extra comfort.

Ventilation and Airflow

Without proper ventilation, your dog may suffer the consequences during severe temperatures. Your kennel must have proper ventilation features. You’ll also find that a well-ventilated kennel is more resistant to mold growth.

Look for kennels with air holes or ridged vents so air can flow freely. These kennel features will work to keep your pet safe and comfortable all year long.

Safety Features

If you have an enclosed yard, your dog can still dig beneath the fence and get loose. They can also hop fences.

Kennels allow your pet to stay outside while ensuring they’re safely contained in your yard. This works to increase your dog’s independence without the stress of worrying if they’ll escape.

You should also connect your kennel to a dog run for extra exercise. Runs should be large enough for your dog to play, discouraging any negative behavior that comes with being cooped up for too long.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Kennel

Your outdoor kennel should offer your dog security, plenty of room, and a cozy place to sleep. If possible, attach your kennel to a dog run so your pooch can exercise, and always keep plenty of food and water available for your dog when they’re outside.

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