Ensuring Safety and Security in Outdoor Kennels: Advanced Measures for Peace of Mind

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It may come as a surprise that pets are more likely to go missing in the summer. Compared to winter months, there are 81% more pets reported missing (stolen or lost) in the summertime.

As you prepare to install your outdoor kennel, you have to consider dog safety. This includes preventing your pet from escaping. A high-quality outdoor kennel can ensure you know that your fluffy friend is safe, provided you take the right steps.

Kennel safety is more than keeping your dog securely enclosed. Always create a space that’s comfortable and keeps your dog mentally and physically occupied.

If you’re unsure where to begin, this helpful guide has you covered. It explains how to create comfortable kennels for dogs so you can have peace of mind knowing your beloved pet is protected.

Choose the Right Location

Outdoor kennels should be free from distractions. If your neighbor has a pet that’s always outside, you should install your kennel away from any shared fence lines.

If other outdoor activities disturb your dog, always look to install your kennel away from them so long as your dog is still in a location with plenty of airflow and ventilation.

You should also choose an area close to a water spigot so you can easily clean your dog’s exterior space and provide frequent water refills.

Provide Protection

Always consider the weather when installing enclosed dog kennels. Look for areas with shade so your dog remains cool when outside.

If your yard has an area that’s prone to excessive amounts of wind, avoid installing it there.

Focus on Flooring

It’s best to use whatever type of flooring your yard provides, such as a patio, grass, or dirt. However, you need to consider your dog’s temperament before installing a kennel on grass. Do they dig holes and run the risk of escaping?

If so, you’ll need to take precautionary measures. You can line the perimeter of your kennel with any type of large rock, brick, cinderblock, or paver.

Your kennel floor should be comfortable for your dog’s pads. Pea gravel is among the softest materials and doesn’t retain too much heat.

Another option is a concrete base or even artificial grass. The main drawback is that fake turf is hot to the touch when it’s warm out, which means it has to be in an area with plenty of shade.

Place to Sleep

An elevated sleep area isn’t just a luxury for your pet. It keeps them safe by helping air to circulate so they stay cool, and it helps you keep their sleeping area sanitary.

Raised sleep areas work to reduce callouses on your dog’s elbows and can work to keep your pet clean. Older dogs are more prone to elbow sores if they spend a lot of time sleeping on hard surfaces, so always provide them with something soft.


Dogs need activities to stimulate them mentally and keep them healthy and in shape. Depending on the breed, your dog could need at least two hours of exercise daily, if not more.

You can attach a rope toy to a post along your kennel’s frame or install a sand pit for them to dig in. You can also use a small children’s pool so your dog can splash around and stay cool during warm months. When possible, attach your kennel to a dog run for extra exercise.

Follow These Dog Safety Tips

When you install your kennel, refer to these dog safety tips. You want to consider a location that provides your pooch with plenty of shade while removing harmful distractions.

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