Small Dog Kennels

Explore our diverse range of dog kennels, offering a variety of sizes to cater to the unique needs of your pets. Our small singles provide a cost-effective choice without compromising durability, making them ideal for pet owners who value both quality and affordability. Whether you're seeking a compact enclosure for a cosy fit or a larger option for more spacious living, our kennels offer exceptional value across a range of sizes. Find the perfect balance between size and budget without compromising on the well-being of your beloved pets.

Experience unmatched convenience with our nationwide delivery service. Ordering your new dog enclosure is hassle-free, simply make your purchase online or over the phone. We go the extra mile to ensure your dog's new home is ready for occupancy. Our team of professionals will install the kennel for you, sparing you the effort and ensuring a seamless transition for your furry friend.

Give your dogs the happiness they deserve. Explore our range of small dog kennels today and provide your pets with a comfortable, secure home. Order now and redefine your dog's living experience.


A kennel of 6×3-12×4 ft is an ideal size for a small dog by itself. At Benchmark Kennels, we stock single small dog kennels at this size that are sure to provide your dog with a comfortable place to live.

Single kennels are the best type of kennels for a small dog. At Benchmark Kennels, our single small dog kennels are built to provide your small dog with a comfortable space whilst outdoors.

Dogs like to have a space that makes them feel warm, cosy and safe. You should ensure that your kennel is a suitable size for your dog. Our single dog kennels are built to be the perfect size for any dog.

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