Pent Duo Kennels

Choose the perfect size of our double dog crate based on your specific needs. Opt for a larger specification to accommodate two large dogs comfortably. If your dogs are friendly and open to sharing, our roomy double kennels can accommodate several small dogs on each side.

At Benchmark Kennels, quality is our priority. Our pent duo kennels are crafted from thick, tanalised, and pressure-treated timber, significantly extending the life of your dog kennel. Each door is equipped with two pad bolts and heavy-duty caging, ensuring the utmost security for your beloved pets.

Experience hassle-free installation with our team of professional installers, who are dedicated to delivering and building your two dog kennel to perfection. Alternatively, enjoy the convenience of free collection and guidance – our kennels are designed for easy self-assembly, empowering you to create a secure space for your dogs with minimal effort.

Not sure about the ideal size of the double dog crate for your canines? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you. Contact us today for expert guidance and elevate your dog's living experience with our premium pent duo kennels.


The Benchmark Kennels range of pent duo kennels stretches from 14x4ft to 19x7ft. The size of two dog kennel you choose will depend on the available space and needs of your dogs. Our installers are more than happy to help you spec up a double dog crate to suit your requirements. Get in touch for further advice.

You can put two smaller dogs in one side of the double dog crate, as long as they are comfortable in each other's space.

The two door dog crate provides separated indoor quarters for each dog, and a separator in the outdoor run. Your dogs can socialise and communicate with each other, but still have their own space.

Opting for a two door kennel ensures that your dogs have their own space to relax. Territorial and protective dogs will particularly benefit from the space that a large double dog crate provides.

Dogs that are protective over their space may prefer to sleep in separate dog kennels. Likewise, an older dog may prefer the space to rest that a two door dog crate provides, especially when sharing a garden with a younger canine.

Our range of pent duo kennels cater to all sizes of canine. Opt for the 19x7ft double dog crate for two large dogs.

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