Four Bay Kennels

Spacious enough to accommodate even the largest dog breeds, our four bay dog kennels are a preferred choice for both working dogs and domestic pets. They offer a practical, modern, and warm housing solution.

Available in a wide range of sizes, our multi bay kennels cater to various breeds, ensuring ample space for roaming and comfortable rest. Perfectly suited for dog breeders, boarding kennels, and domestic dog owners, our four bay dog kennels are specifically designed to house multiple animals, making them an ideal choice for your furry companions.

Experience unmatched quality and convenience with Benchmark Kennels.


No. Dog runs provide your canine with the space to run and live comfortably. Exercise is crucial for your dog, so providing them with fresh air and an outdoor run can make them both healthier and happier.

Investing in a high-quality professional dog kennel can help to train your canine. Most dogs will thrive in kennels, especially working dogs. Providing an outdoor space for your dog can help to relax them as well as manage bad behaviour and provide them with the fresh air they need.

A dog kennel should have comfortable bedding (e.g. a warm blanket), water and of course feeding bowls. You can also put a few toys in your dog's kennel to keep them occupied, however try to not overcrowd the space.

Yes. Wooden dog kennels are waterproof and extremely durable as they are designed to be outdoors. 

At Benchmark Kennels, all of our wooden dog kennels are pressure treated to ensure longevity.

Not every dog will be happy in a kennel to begin with. However, as long as the kennel is introduced properly, your dog should be perfectly happy.

When purchasing a new kennel, make sure it is plenty big enough for your dog, to provide them with maximum space and comfort. 

At Benchmark Kennels, we manufacture a range of cosy canine housing solutions, perfect for even the most restless of breeds.

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