Dog Kennel Accessories

Whether you're personalising a kennel for your family pet or seeking ergonomic solutions for managing multiple kennels, our range offers versatile options. Our dog kennel accessories are expertly designed to enhance convenience and durability, ensuring a comfortable environment for your furry companions.


Benchmark Kennels provide many dog accessories to add to the flooring of your kennel. Popular options are the phenolic raft base and galvanised panel dog kennel accessories, so your kennel’s floor can be easily wiped down and will last longer.

Ensure your dog has comfortable bedding, and add a couple of dog toys to keep your canine entertained. Additional dog products including draft excluders and anti-chew fittings may benefit your dog, depending on your canines requirements.

Insulation will ensure that your dog stays cool during the Summer, and warm during the Winter. The Benchmark Kennels dog accessories range includes deluxe insulation and ply warming that ensures a steady temperature in the dog kennel.

Your kennel can be customised with our popular bed box dog kennel accessory, which provides a smaller, insulated space for your dog within the indoor kennel section.

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