What Your Dog Needs in Their Kennel: Keeping Your Pet Warm in Winter, Cool in the Summer, and Comfortable All the Time

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Roughly 50% of all households in America own a dog. Dogs are extremely popular pets, their personalities and demeanor making them great additions to any family. But when you own a dog, you have a responsibility to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

If you’re keeping your dogs outside, you need to make sure they’re comfortable in any weather situation. This is where single-dog kennels come into play. The best way to ensure your dog is safe is to give them their own space to retreat to.

So keep reading to find out how you can create a comfortable dog kennel that will keep your pup happy year-round.

Moderate the Temperature of the Dog Kennel

An easy way moderate the temperature of single-dog kennels is to make sure the kennel is in a good position. During summer, move the kennel to a shady or covered area so that it does not overheat.

In wintertime, elevate the kennel from the ground. If there is no direct contact with cold surfaces below, the cold cannot penetrate the floor of the kennel readily. You can also use carpet off-cuts or blankets to cover the floor to keep the cold out.

Plastic sheeting can be nailed to the walls and floor to add to the insulation of the kennel. If you want to splurge, invest in insulation sheeting that is available at building stores. Weatherboard the outside of the kennel to ensure it stays dry during the rainy season.

Add Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important in all weather conditions. Good airflow helps prevent the buildup of stale air, reduces odors, and regulates temperature. Ensure the kennel has windows, vents, or openings that allow fresh air to circulate but still protect your dog from the weather.

Size and Room to Move

Make sure the kennel is the right size for your dog. They should be able to stand, turn and stretch comfortably.

Think about dog behavior, they usually turn around in circles, scratch at their bedding, and maybe even stretch before they are ready to lie down. The right size kennel will allow your dog to do all of this before he plunks down on his bed.

Do not overcrowd the kennel and keep to the kennel accessories he needs and loves. Also, consider which kennel supplies you might want to store with them as you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room.

Comfortable Bed and Bedding

Choose bedding that is soft and provides cushioning. Avoid materials that retain moisture or could be harmful if ingested.

Dog beds come in many different shapes and sizes. It is important that the bed must be the right size as dogs sleep in different positions.

They like to

  • Stretch out
  • Curl up
  • Lay on their backs
  • Lay on their bellies with legs stretched out

Their bed must be large enough for them to be able to lie comfortably in all these natural positions.

Here are some options to choose from:

Raised Beds

Raised or elevated beds are great for dogs who like some airflow or dogs that enjoy a firmer sleeping surface. These beds have a sturdy frame with a mesh or durable fabric surface, that keeps the dog off the floor and provides ventilation.

For dogs who love to chew, an elevated bed with woven material and a metal frame is a good choice as they are chew and claw-proof.

These beds are also suitable for sturdy dogs as their frames and covering will support the weight of larger dogs. Check the weight specifications and choose one that will suit your dog.

Orthopedic Beds 

These beds are ideal for older dogs or dogs with joint or muscle issues. They provide support and cushioning with memory foam or other specialized materials that conform to the dog’s body shape, relieving pressure points.

A senior dog will love a soft blanket that rests on a firm surface that conforms to his body and is easy to reach from the ground.

Donut or Bolster Beds

These beds have raised edges all around that create a cozy and secure space for dogs to curl up in. They offer a sense of comfort and a place to rest their heads.

Pillow Beds

Pillow beds are simple, rectangular beds filled with a soft material. They’re a staple when it comes to creating a comfortable dog kennel.

They provide a surface for dogs to stretch out or lie down. If covered in a durable material they will serve your dog well for a long time.

Cooling Beds

They are made by using cooling materials or gel-infused foam and are suitable for use in warmer climates or by dogs prone to overheating. The cooling properties help regulate the dog’s body temperature and provide relief.

Nest Beds

Nest beds are similar to donut beds but have higher walls. They offer a cozy, nest-like feel that many dogs love. These beds provide a sense of security and can be particularly appealing to small or anxious dogs.

More than one dog? To avoid competition, you’ll need one bed per dog. If your dogs enjoy snuggling, consider getting an additional dog bed large enough for them to comfortably share.

Single-Dog Kennels for Your Furry Friends

When it comes to keeping dogs outside you should consider getting single-dog kennels for your pups and any necessary kennel supplies. This not only gives them a comfortable space to retreat to that’s all their own, but it’s also a great way to keep your dogs safe. Just because you have outdoor kennels doesn’t mean you can’t create a cozy space that keeps them cozy year-round.

If you’re interested in getting single-dog kennels and unsure where to start, you can contact us today. At Benchmark Kennels we specialize in outdoor kennels and kennel accessories your pets are sure to love.

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