Top Features to Look For in a High-Quality Single Dog Kennel

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single dog kennel features

People are willing to spend nearly £300,000 on a home in the UK. Yet when they go shopping for a dog kennel, they squirm at the thought of shelling out even a fraction of a percentage of that amount. So much for man’s best friend!

While we are being facetious, there is a point to be made here. Many dog owners go as cheap as possible, purchasing a kennel that is not only cramped and uncomfortable for their dog, but flimsy and of poor quality. Going the extra mile for the best dog kennel is a win for both you and your pet.

Read on as we discuss the top features of a single-dog kennel.

The Best Dog Kennel Has Proper Ventilation

Unfortunately, dogs cannot take off their furry coat on a whim. So after zooming around the yard for several minutes, they rely on panting to control their body temperature. A stuffy, hot kennel makes it very difficult to achieve this and heightens a dog’s risk of heat stroke during the warmer months.

The best dog kennel will have plenty of ventilation.

It Has Insulation

Another way to reduce the heat is to provide a kennel with exceptional insulation. This keeps extreme temperatures out, whether it’s a sordid summer afternoon or a nippy winter morning.

In either case, your dog can relax at a comfortable temperature.

It Has Enough Space

The amount of space your dog needs will depend entirely on your dog’s breed and temperament. Whatever the case, ensure that they have enough space to pace around and settle in a comfortable spot.

Dogs are a lot like humans in this regard. They despise the feeling of being cooped up, so contemplate long and hard how much space would be ideal for them.

It Is Durable

As we’ve said, a kennel is a lot like a home. Its roof can leak, its walls can creak, and all of these have a negative impact on your dog’s comfort.

A durable, well-built kennel–i.e., the best dog kennel–lasts longer, won’t suffer as much water damage, and will resist your dog’s desire to chew on it.

It Provides Safety

Dogs are generally safe from most of the fauna in the UK, but you can’t be too careful. Wolves, foxes, and hawks can potentially threaten your dog’s safety and well-being. A proper kennel keeps out any unwanted animals.

Further, poorly built kennels can present a risk to dogs. Your dog could accidentally cut their paw on an extruding piece of chicken wire or a nail. Dog kennels with exceptional build quality will not have this problem.

Purchase a Benchmark Kennel

If you want to give your dog the best dog kennel–and get the best value for money–then be on the lookout for the above features. A well-built, durable, safety-focused kennel with enough space is a must-have. Make sure to find kennels that have sufficient insulation and ventilation as well.

Benchmark Kennels makes the benchmark against which all other kennels are tested. Check out our single-dog kennels and find the right abode for your four-legged friend.

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