Choosing the Perfect Dog Kennel and Run: Tips and Ideas for Pet Owners

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10 x 5 ft Double Shed with Pent Roof

Picking out the right dog kennel for your pets is important for their safety and comfort. If you’re away from your home for a couple hours, you’ll want to make sure that they are in a secure environment where they have space to move around and be comfortable. Leaving them constricted to a too-small area is bad for your pet’s well-being. You should consider a few specific features to ensure that your pets are left in the best possible dog kennels for outside of the home.

Go With the Right Size

Choosing the right sized dog kennels for outside your home will look different than indoor kennels. For an outdoor kennel and run, you’ll want to ensure that the space has enough room for your dog to walk around it but also provide a secure den to rest and get away from any weather elements that might occur while you’re away from the home.

For bigger breeds, you’ll need to invest in a larger-sized kennel and run. For small dogs, you can go with a smaller size, as they won’t need the extra long run a large dog would need. It’s important to note that you should buy the correct size kennel for an adult-sized version of your dog’s breed. Though a growing puppy might not need the space, once it reaches maturity, you’ll need a space big enough for the adult dog.

Pick out Durable and Longlasting Materials

The materials of the kennel and run matter as you’ll have to deal with varying weather elements, animals, and other factors that could affect its longevity. Our single dog kennels for outside the home are constructed with a treated framework, so it’s protected from issues like insects, rot, and other degradation common to outside materials.

Consider Extra Features

While our standard outdoor dog kennels provide great value for dog owners, you may want to consider additional features that aid in durability and convenience. Features like bitumen corrugated roofing and galvanized anti-destruction panels protect the structure of your kennel and keep it in top condition. Other possible add-on features include dog bowls and a bed box to make the kennel more convenient and comfortable.

Choose a Professional Fitting

Part of choosing the perfect dog kennel for your home includes safety and construction. You’ll want to choose a dog kennel you know has been safely and securely installed. Our dog kennels for outside the home are always installed by our team to ensure that the structure is safe for your pets. 

Choosing the right dog kennel and run will depend on your pet. However, the right outdoor kennel will also be safe and well-constructed. You should consider investing in a structure with durable and long-lasting materials that can withstand the elements and any destructive dog behaviour. Our single dog kennels are built to last, plus you can count on our professional installation to ensure the very best for your dog. 

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