Terms & Conditions

We require a minimum 50% deposit at the time of booking. As all our kennels are made to order. This is non-refundable within 10 working days of the delivery date.

Bespoke kennels require additional design, preparation, and manufacturing. Deposits are non-refundable within 15 working days. Additional terms and conditions may apply to bespoke builds.

Any remaining balance MUST be paid either cash on arrival or BACS, cleared 1 working day before delivery.

If paying cash on arrival, work will not commence until payment is received.

If the customer is not present within 1 hour of delivery team arrival, delivery and installation will be cancelled.

Delivery usually takes place within the hours 8am-5pm, exact times can not be given, but an updated estimated time of arrival can be given on the day after 9am. Please ring the Office.

Please note deliveries over 200 miles may incur an additional cost if an overnight stay is required for the fitting team.

Re-scheduled delivery and installation will be chargeable.

Installation delays caused by the customer will incur additional charges. Time on site will be charged at £20 per person per hour until work can commence.

The base should be hard standing and slightly larger than the Kennel footprint*.

*Please note that once the kennel has been assembled, if the base isn’t 100% level locks and bolts may need to be adjusted as they may become misaligned.

We will require access for a long wheelbase van.

Please let us know before delivery if the base for the kennel is more than 10 metres away from where the van can park, as a small surcharge may apply.

During busy periods delivery timescales may differ but we will always try and keep to a 2-week turnaround.

Please note for postcodes over 250 miles from S73 delivery may have a longer turnaround. Please enquire before purchase.

In cases out of our control, delivery dates may need to be changed.

We hold no responsibility for damage caused by weather, wear and tear, destructive behaviours and natural changes in wood, for example splitting boards, warping, and shrinkage.

All of our Timber dog kennels are made from tanalised wood. Wood is a natural product and will require ongoing care. We advise the kennel is treated with waterproofing sealant immediately following installation and periodically thereafter.

Customers are advised to mindful of condensation. The level of condensation differs dependant on several factors, such as weather and the dog housed. Condensation, if left, unchecked can cause dampness and mould inside the kennel.

Please ensure there is full unrestricted access to the base, a minimum of 1 ft around the perimeter and a minimum height of 8 ft is required. Prior to purchase, you must tell us if there is no direct access to the base, any steep banking, muddy areas, obstacles blocking, or narrow alleyways, etc.

The area must be clean and clear, our staff has the right to refuse soiled, unsanitary conditions and you will be recharged for delivery.

Once the Kennel is fully assembled, the customer must make a full inspection of the installed kennel to provide the on-site installation team opportunity, if required, to make good any changes.

Following complete installation and inspection, the customer will be required to sign confirmation they are 100% satisfied with the quality of the made to order, hand-built kennel.

Should the customer require any further amendments once the team has left, a charge will be applied.

Please note we don’t offer a take down / re-assemble service.

If you are unsure of any of the terms and conditions, please send us an email before ordering.