How To Approach Crate Training Your Dog

14th December 2020
Crates are a great way to provide your dog with a sense of security in many different scenarios. It gives them a safe place to retreat to and remain undisturbed if they feel nervous, tired, or stressed, which can be caused by fireworks, visitors or even just the weather. You can also transport your dog […]

The Top National Parks for Socially Distanced Dog Walks

1st December 2020
Before 2020, the term ‘socially distanced’ was unknown to many, but thanks to COVID-19, it’s since become a commonly used phrase. Coronavirus has caused countless disruptions to day-to-day life, but the strangest change for many is keeping two meters apart from anyone outside of your household. Still, where is better to maintain a distance while […]

How to Make Your Christmas Dog-Friendly

30th November 2020
The festive period is always an exciting time of year, especially when spending it with your adorable dog. Whether you’re celebrating your pup’s first Christmas, or your family dog has been with you for years, ensuring your home remains pet-friendly is key. While Christmas might look a little different this year, with big social gatherings […]

How to Familiarise Your Dog With Face Masks

23rd October 2020
As any dog owner will know, a global pandemic isn’t just difficult for us but can be hard on our pets too. One of the most difficult things for our furry friends to get used to is how different we look with facemasks on. Our dogs usually use our facial expressions to read and react […]

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

23rd October 2020
There are so many things to consider when you’re choosing a dog. Whether you’re a Staffie fan or a Labrador lover, the UK’s most popular dog breeds show how much a part of the family man’s best friend really is. Does your favourite dog make it into the top ten?  Whether you’re on a hunt […]

International Dog Day Brainteaser: Spot the Yorkie on the Beach

17th August 2020
Where’s the elusive Yorkshire Terrier on this beach? With international dog day fast approaching (the 26th!) Benchmark Kennels have produced an exciting brainteaser for the dog loving puzzle pundits among us. Somewhere below, there’s a Yorkshire Terrier hidden among the bigger dog breeds on this busy beach. It took us 30 seconds to spot the […]